When learning gemara quickly, there is always that nagging feeling that I'm missing out on the lomdus, the deeper understanding. Levaker has made it possible to have the best of both worlds - to delve into a sugya and get a geshmak, while continuing to keep up the pace and cover ground. Rabbi Powitz's uncanny ability to explain deep concepts in a clear and concise manner is a gift that lights up my learning!
Yair Spolter, Beit Shemesh
By nature I’m a cynic and my expectation was that I’d learn Levaker once, and not return for more. However, the topic and style were remarkably engaging, and within an hour I was smiling with the pleasure of understanding the chiddush in the sugya. The uniqueness of this complex yet attainable limud, has me now returning for more.
Dovid Rosenthal
New concepts in gemara are difficult, even for experienced learners. Rabbi Powitz breaks down complicated processes in clear, easy to follow steps. I had never learned the gemara before, and starting from the basic points of the gemara then flowing into the more complicated parts, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it took very little effort to understand. The information flowed. It was clear, accurate, and broke down a very complicated point into manageable, easy steps. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to understand a gemara in depth.
Yosef Sanders